Serve behind the scenes before and after the show or with guest services during performances to help make our shows great!

Behind the Scenes

Set Construction & Painting
All of our incredible sets are specifically built for each show. Volunteers who enjoy building and painting are great for this area!

Stage Crew
Enjoy and assist in the behind-the-scenes experience during each performance and rehearsal with our stage crew.

Theatre Setup
Help prepare the theatre for performances—primarily seating areas. Set up chairs (and tables for dinner theatre), number seats, and additional decor, if needed.

Cleanup & Reset
Between performances, help prepare and clean the theatre for the next performance. Reset and straighten seating.

After the final performance, clean and set up the theatre for the next event. Reset chairs (and tables from dinner theatre) and help deconstruct and move the set from the stage.

Guest Services

Give our guests a welcome first impression and assist with guiding them toward The Hub or to The Auditorium.

Check the guests’ tickets and help them find their reserved seats.

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